Companies that want to lead in their industry must create the conditions for their employees to experiment, risk, innovate and, above all, grow.


It is through our values ​​and culture that we aim to continue to ensure the best customer service and to embody our ambition to always exceed our customers' expectations and to be internationally recognized.


This new scenario assumes talent acquisition, corporate education, feedback assessment, knowledge exchange, people rotation, coaching, mentoring and career development, to strategically manage competencies.


A strategy where Ghassist develops its employees and employees develop Ghassist. We provide working conditions that allow for higher quality performances, with rigor, harmony, professionalism and active participation.


For Ghassist, it is paramount that we continue to honor the trust of our customers. Since its inception, we have been focused on continuing to provide the highest quality and safety service, ground handling, passenger, cargo and mail service, ensuring the success of these operations at Angola's airports.